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Top 5 "Must Visit" Pubs for a Dublin Bar Crawl


The city of Dublin could be one of the best cities for a birthday pub crawl. Just ask 27 of your best friends to join you for the stroll, that's what we did!

Whether you're in Dublin with a large group or just a few friends, there are a ton of great places you shouldn't miss.

We hit these pubs starting from #5 (O'Connell's Pub) and went backwards, ending at #1 (The Brazen Head) which was by far one of my favorite stops. This is an easy walking route. We caught the Liffy from the Asheville Hotel to O'Connell's for a bite to eat and then walked from pub to pub.

The oldest pub in Ireland is located on Bridge Street. This pub has many different rooms to suite your mood. From a bustling, live music-filled area to quiet nooks with a fireplace and outdoor space, you'll find just the right atmosphere to share a pint with friends. If you only have time to go to one place, make this your stop!

Exactly what you're thinking, formerly a very ornate and beautiful bank. You can only imagine who would've banked there back in the day. This stunning bar was awarded Best Pub with Food in 2017. It's soaring ceilings, decorative archietcture and crystal chandeliers make this a dreamy stop for anyone looking for a gorgeous location that is sure to give you the "wow factor."

This seemed like the hot-spot for 20-30 year olds. Loud music, multiple floors with an outdoor area, this was actually one of our favorite stops of our pub crawl. Though inside was very crowded, everyone was having a blast. We opted to sit outside under the awning and amongst the heat lamps where we talked, laughed and had a good people-watching session. It's a must-visit indeed. And the best part is your walk through Grafton Street from The Palace Bar.

A Victorian pub that holds its decor from 189 years ago is a charming and beautiful pub. A long slim bar runs down the main area of the pub with a room in the back filled with tables and of course... packed with people. If you want food, they do serve Ham and Cheese Toasties all day long! Check it out!

Located on Bachelor's Walk, O'Connells bar boasts an impressive menu. From toasties to burgers to fish n' chips, there is something for everyone. Food was great!

Want to check them out? Join us for a tour through Ireland.

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Theresa Myers
Theresa Myers
Jan 22, 2019

Thank you Steve! So glad you had a great time. We did too! I’d love to rewind and do it all over again!


Jan 22, 2019

My wife and I were lucky enough to be part of the inaugural maiden voyage to Ireland in January 2019 for Myers Tours and let me tell you.... it was one of the best times of my life! Additionally, I think it's safe to say that all of the 26 other people on this tour would whole-heartily agree with me that it was one of the best vacations/touring experiences they've had as well. Jimmy and Theresa certainly left no stone unturned and had everything you could possibly need at your finger tips. The nicest of accommodations, knowledgable and spirited historians, simply unbelievable landscapes, great quaint pubs and funny, funny, funny local tour guides. All at an extremely fair price! Yo…

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